How a Banking Crisis Built an Airplane

All politics may be local, but not all incentives are perverse

“There’s no way that [depositors] can lose their money,” said Donald Hunsche, executive vice president of the Ohio Deposit Guarantee Fund, the private entity with the government-ish name.

I sat in the backseat as the plane slowed considerably in midair; blue sky and clouds replaced the horizon as its nose was elevated briefly before pitching downward by itself, thus beginning our descent toward the earth.

I wonder if the nightly commute, and any moment when work wasn’t a welcome distraction, allowed uncertainty, an opportunistic interloper, to creep in like smoke under the door, his agreement with Home State still in the fumbling hands of the state or, more specifically, a capricious politician.

Kristen is a librarian-author whose work has appeared in VESSEL, RNOPH and Law Library Journal, among other publications. Visit

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